Grave Concerns 17949 Point Lookout Rd Park Hall, MD 20667



Grave Concerns is a full service historic cemetery recovery team. Based in Southern Maryland, we provide the following services:


       Cemetery cleanup

       Stone cleaning and repair

       Search for missing markers and walls

       Research and genealogy

       Mapping and surveying

       Regular cemetery maintenance

       Complete and accurate transcriptions

       Professional Archaeological consulting

       Ground Penetrating Radar services available



We are certified in the use of Jahn restoration mortars and appropriate epoxies giving you the finest and best possible use of materials. We will give a free estimate and upon completion of a project, will submit a professional report to include all documentation and photographs of before and after treatments.


Grave Concerns truly cares for the preservation of historic cemeteries and burial grounds. Cemeteries are one of the few tangible links to our past and they can easily fall prey to development, apathy and the ravages of time.


Call Scott Lawrence at 301-863-5907 or email to Also, be sure to visit the Coalition to Protect Maryland Burial sites for examples of a recovery project performed by Grave Concerns at St. Nicholas Cemetery or email for more restoration photographs.